Welcome to Lilybelle Airlines!

My name is Lilybelle, and this is the official Lilybelle Air carrd!Thank you for choosing Lilybelle Air! We hope you have a safe and enjoyable flight!

Our flights for the week!

*All times are PT and schedule is subject to change!

Check-in for your flight!

All flights are free to attend! Feel free to drop by anytime!We really appreciate you choosing us for your travel needs, and I can't wait to see you on my next flight!

Thank you for your support!

Thank you for supporting Lilybelle Air and our mascot! Below are some ways for you to contribute to her well-being, safety, and full stomach! As well, we always put as much as we can back into serving our frequent flyers.Lilybelle's Throne wishlist is curated specifically to only provide things that help her day-to-day life (and like one nice thing because her airpod's are dying).

Need to get in touch?

Want to request to join for a flight? The best place to reach us is on Lilybelle's social media or through her business email!

Get merch at the Sky Mall!

To preserve your wallet and the quality of the merch, Lilybelle only runs limited-merch runs (besides the merch below) with partnered stores. Currently, all other merch offerings are sold out!Order your souvenirs in Lilybelle's partnered stores, and don't forget to stop by Lilybelle's YouTube Membership for exclusive goodies you can't find anywhere else!

Our Wonderful Flight Team

The Flight Team is what makes Lilybelle Air, and we are honored to introduce them:
Model: @azuyanii
Logo: @tamanegichan
Stinger: PwrUpCreations (Etsy)
Overlay, Alerts, and Panels: @Sherlaya
Badges: @MoshieStudios
Schedule design: @tofushopco
Theme Song: @Sasaki_VT
Theme Song Remix: @itsLatent
Alert Sounds and Carrd: @itsLatent
Video Editors: @AxeltheCake and @RexehhBH
Mods: Latent, Axel, Aym, Lyra, Nordik, Ryu, 86
All other credits, including info about previous assets and models, can be found in the link below!